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ARA Midwest Regional Conference

The Alliance for Retired Americans (ARA) will hold its Midwest Regional Convention on May 4. 

     2016 Midwest Regional Conference

     May 4, 2016 at 10:00 am

     MGM Grand Hotel, 1777 Third Street

     Detroit Michigan

     Host Contact Info:  call 888-373-6497 or


The 2016 Midwestern Regional Conference will be an excellent opportunity to hear  from leading experts and to strengthen your skills as a retiree activist.  Attendees will participate in interactive workshops and training sessions on:

  • Using issues to educate seniors during the 2016 elections
  • Communicating our message using words that work
  • Building and growing local retiree chapters and volunteers
  • Organizing and participating in media events and rallies


Eau Claire support staff mobilize for special ed assistant reclass

Public school support staff perform work that keeps their schools running, work that is essential to the educational mission of Wisconsin’s public school system.  Unfortunately, this work is too often undervalued by school district administrations, who frequently ignore pressing issues that make it hard to recruit and retain the best school staff.  So, after five years of pay freezes, reduced take-home pay, and declining benefits, members of AFT local 4018, the Eau Claire Schools Classified Staff Federation, decided they’d had enough, and made plans to take their issues directly to the school board.


Ashland educators organize to form handbook committee

The first version of the employee handbook for the Ashland school district was created with extensive input from members of the Ashland Federation of Teachers (AFT local 1275) and the Ashland Federation of Paraprofessionals (AFT local 4232), with representatives of each union sitting on a handbook committee with the administration.  However, the following year, union members were surprised to see substantial changes made without any opportunity for employee input.  Members of both locals met to discuss the issue, and decided to organize their coworkers and take the issue to the next district school board meeting, where they would petition the board to re-form the handbook committee as a permanent working group.


AFT-Wisconsin endorses Russ Feingold

AFT-Wisconsin is proud to announce that it has endorsed Russ Feingold in his campaign for the US Senate.  President Kim Kohlhaas sent the following letter to Mr. Feingold to announce the endorsement:


Dear Mr. Feingold,

It is with great pleasure that I, on behalf of the AFT-Wisconsin Executive Board and our thousands of members across the state of Wisconsin, offer our full support to your campaign and endorse you in your bid for the US Senate.