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March 5, 2022


Dear AFTW Retiree:


We at AFT Wisconsin-Retiree Council would be pleased to have you as a member of our organization.  We continue to be committed to our motto of Life Long Unionism.  Annual membership dues of $20 for 2022 are now due.  You also have the option of becoming a life member for a onetime payment of $200.  (See membership form.)


Problems with Medicare Advantage

July 27, 2022.  Government Watchdogs Attack Medicare Advantage for Denying Care and Overcharging (from WI Association of Retired Americans)

"Congress should crack down on Medicare Advantage health plans for seniors that sometimes deny patients vital medical care while overcharging the government billions of dollars every year, government watchdogs told a House panel Tuesday."


Our President , Kathy Monaghan, Has Passed

March 2, 2022.   We were all deeply saddened to learn of the passing of AFTW icon, Kathy Monaghan.  Kathy served on the WFT/ AFTW Executive Board for more than 5 decades, first as secretary, and more recently as a Vice President representing retirees.  She was instrumental in helping organize Local 8047R, the retiree chapter of AFTW, and served as its president for the past 17 years.  She also supported and served in numerous other capacities in her local, Local 202, the Superior Federation of Teachers, in the Central Labor Council, in the Firefighters Union, and in the Democratic Party.  H

Wisconsin Coalition of Annuitants Annual Convention


Feb 23, 2022.  The WISCONSIN COALITION of ANNUITANTS consists of statewide and regional organizations representing retirees in the Wisconsin Retirement System, and may include active as well as retired participants in the system.

The WCOA Annual Meeting will be two Thursday mornings, May 5 and May 19. Two speakers each morning. ETF and SWIB will be separate mornings.  

The Coalition recently reported on a three-year study of the WRS recently completed by ETF.  The study can be found here.