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AFL-CIO Community Services Conference

Comunity Services Conference.  April 5 - 7, 2018 in Green Bay.  Registration Deadline is March 28. 



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The Janus Case

What is the Janus Case (aka Janus vs AFSCME)?

A case before the U.S. Supreme Court over the right of public employee unions to require non-members to pay agency or fair share fees for the cost of bargaining and enforcing a labor contract.
What is the Aboud Case (aka Aboud vs. Detroit Board of Education"
A case ruled on by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1977 which said that public employees could be forced to pay for expenses associated with collective bargaining and other related activities, but not for political activities. 
Some Articles 
Behind Janus Documents Reveal Decade-Long Plot to Kill Public-Sector Unions.  By Mary Bottari (Center for Media and Democracy)  

2017 Annual Membership Meeting

The 2017 Annual Membership Meeting took place in Warrens, WI on October 28.   The election of officers was decided by a unanimous vote for the slate of President-Kathy Monaghan, Vice President – Bob Beglinger, Secretary –Joy Bashara, Treasurer – Ruth Ludwig.

You can see the minutes under Membership/Key Documents.  

Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans (WIARA) 2017 Power Lunch

The Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans (WIARA) is holding its 2017 POWER Lunch on Saturday, October 9 in Milwaukee.  The POWER Lunch is The WIARA’s annual fundraiser to continue their important advocacy work on behalf of all Wisconsin retirees.

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AFT-Wisconsin Convention 2017

The AFT-Wisconsin Convention will be held on October 27 - 29 at the Three Bears Resort in Warrens, Wi.   The AFT-Wisconsin Retirees Council will hold its meeting during the AFT-W Convention.  

The following people were elected to be delegates representing retirees at the business portion of the AFT-W Convention:

    Bob Beglinger, Ranking delegate
    Cynthia Wynn
    Jill Hynum
    Jim Moore
    Richard Amorillio
    Joy Bashara-Ingram
    Wanda Gerard
    Kathy Empie
    Marilynn Bunnell
    Mary Stauffer

Call to Convention

Tentative Agenda


Information About Three Bears Resort

White Paper on Proposed Constitutional Amendment


Possible Change to State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance

Informational Meeting September 26

September 10, 2016 - -The Group Insurance Board (GIB) and the Walker administration are actively pursuing a "self-insurance" model.  The RFP was issued in July with a decision by the Group Insurance Board expected this November with possible adoption in January of 2018.